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The team of African Eyeview Solutions being in Private optometric practice understand the massive need to extend scope of practice staying unique and within demand in the field. We agree that speciality services is the Key. We as Optometrists are also aware that general products and even services are being moved into Pharmacy or onto online platforms.

African Eyeview Solutions focus on the holistic approach of specialty Dry eye clinics. We are passionate to aid and build relationships with referring medical professionals. Our second goal is to fuel these key practices with products, equipment and ongoing services to optimize profits and patient success.

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We believe that a Holistic Dry eye treatment protocol will take your practice to the next level.

Best Selling Supportive Products

African Eyeview Solutions fuel your practice with products, equipment and ongoing services to optimize profits and patient success.

SM Derma Fusion – Targeted Nutrition (Dry eye Support)

Optimal Meibomian gland and lid health. (dry eye support) Targeted Nutrition Essential minerals are transported through the skin's cellular junction using amino and fatty acid molecules. Antioxidants include the usual Vitamin C, E, and A (retinoids), zinc, Superoxide Dismutase, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Phyco cyanins.

Chio RGP Inserter/Remover

CHIO works for application and removal of all scleral and GP lenses, and application of all soft and hybrid lenses.


The DuraPlug is a synthetic extended temporary punctal/canalicular insert. These temporary plugs are ideal for treatment of post-LASIK induced dry eye, treatment of seasonal dry eye, and the retention of ocular medication. Supplied: 2 sterile inserts per package; 10 packages per box.

Lid & Lash Spray Nature's Cure

Dry Eye disease Blepharitis Meibomain Gland dysfunction Pure Hypochlorous Acid (0.01%)

Best Selling Instruments

African Eyeview Solutions are passionate to aid and build relationships with referring medical professionals.

Golf Club Foreign body spud


Spud For foreign body removal and used for Eye Lid debridement (Biofilm removal).



Blephasteam is an essential tool that forms part of the holistic treatment plan to any Dry eye clinic. The patented unique eyelid warming device brings relief to patients with signs of meibomian gland dysfunction. A gentle Manual expression is recommended to be done 60-90 seconds after the blephasteam  for 8-10 min treatment

Arita Meibomian gland compressor

Broad, smoothly polished tips; designed to gently express meibum from inflamed or occluded meibomian glands.

Wilder Lacrimal Dilator #1.

The dilator with a fine tip is used to help enlarge the puncta and canaliculus for punctal or canalicular procedures such as probing, stenting, punctal plug placement, punctoplasty, or marsupialization of the canaliculus.

Algerbrush ll WITH 2 Burrs

Algerbrush and Cotton bud tips can be used effectively for in-office lid cleansing procedures.

Jewelers Forceps #7 Curved

Jeweler style Forceps, non-magnetic
stainless steel, style 7 curved

The Benefits And The Need
to setup a dry eye clinic!

According to the Gallup study, more than 71% of patients suffering from Dry eye symptoms have searched for help with at least three doctors and are still searching for a solution. What’s even more interesting is that most of these people still searching for successful solutions have tried more than 2-3 artificial tear products that have not provided relief. These stats clearly show the substantial need for dry eye services to help with holistic integrated solutions and to the future growth to your practice.

Holistic  Treatment results:

  • Scores improve by a minimum of 6-speed scores;
  • OSDI Scores -80 % of Patients show a significant improvement of symptoms.
  • 85 % OF patients shows a significant increase of  NITBUT


Diagnosis Assesment Protocal

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  • The managing optometrist stay in control.
  • Quarter orders report available to track growth.
  • Staff can order to update the threshold stock with limited expenditure risk


Lid Debridement
(Golf club spud)

Puntal plugs insertion
(Collagen and Duraplug)

Lid warming and MG Expression (Blephasteam)

Lacrimal System